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SEO and Web Design go hand in hand. What's the point of having a Website if nobody can find it?! You can use our SEO Web Design Tips to help your Website get found on Google and other major search engines. Among the SEO Friendly Web Design topics that we'll discuss is SEO Copywriting, Link Building strategies, maximizing Social Media outlets for SEO benefits, properly structuring and optimizing Website content to be relevant and to rank highly in the search results, and anymore SEO Web Design Tips that we can think of! Professional SEO and web design teams know which design elements that can hinder SEO performance, such as Flash and code-heavy pages. They also know the elements that can enhance the SEO potential of a website. Below we outline three perspectives that define successful SEO and website design teams.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Conversion Optimization Essential for SEO Web Design

So your company has built a website, invested in search engine optimization and you're now No. 1 - mission accomplished, right? WRONG!

In SEO marketing, just because you're website ranks No. 1 for your targeted keyword, that doesn't automatically spell maximum success for your web presence.

As the slide show below highlights, there's far more to a successful search optimization strategy than just getting searchers to your site. The goal is to CONVERT those users into sales, contacts, email lists, etc.

That's where effective SEO Web Design comes into play. Optimizing your website design to drive more conversions by utilizing strong calls to action, incentivizing users to fill out a form or to get in touch with you, or by offering discounts, freebies, etc., are just some of the ways you can increase conversion rates on your site. Because when a business invests in SEO, it's conversions that ultimately matter, no matter how high you're ranking, or how much traffic is hitting your website.

Check out this SlideShare presentation below about why being No. 1 isn't everything in SEO marketing.

SEO Marketing: Why Being No. 1 Isn't Everything from Chris J. Everett

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