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SEO and Web Design go hand in hand. What's the point of having a Website if nobody can find it?! You can use our SEO Web Design Tips to help your Website get found on Google and other major search engines. Among the SEO Friendly Web Design topics that we'll discuss is SEO Copywriting, Link Building strategies, maximizing Social Media outlets for SEO benefits, properly structuring and optimizing Website content to be relevant and to rank highly in the search results, and anymore SEO Web Design Tips that we can think of! Professional SEO and web design teams know which design elements that can hinder SEO performance, such as Flash and code-heavy pages. They also know the elements that can enhance the SEO potential of a website. Below we outline three perspectives that define successful SEO and website design teams.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Determine an Effective PPC Bid and Budget

In order to maximize return on investment (ROI) on Internet marketing, companies must analyze their costs for Pay Per Click advertising.

With the help from an experienced Internet Marketing agency, a company can see excellent returns from a PPC campaign, but this type of advertising needs to be carefully crafted for success.

There are many important factors that arise when a company looks at the value of its PPC advertising campaign investment, there are two that rise to the top – budget and bid.

Pay Per Click Advertising Budget

Pay per click advertising is a great, instant method on how to get more traffic to your website, but it can also be very costly. For starters, a company must determine how much it is willing to invest on its PPC campaign. An SEO/PPC Consultant can provide solid SEO Web Design Tips for targeted keywords and ad planning to help develop a budget the company is comfortable with. However, the company must also determine what the value of a single click means for business.

The value of a click can be estimated by beginning with the expected duration and value a customer has over a lifetime and then working analyzing the number of customers developed from leads. The number of leads generated from subscribers, and the number of subscribers generated per click, giving a maximum value to for a click.

Pay Per Click Advertising Bids

Companies investing in PPC also need to determine where to set their bids for PPC ads. One thing to keep in mind is that higher bids do not always mean higher ROI. It's an excellent practice to manage bids by on a keyword by keyword basis and to utilize tools like Google's bid simulator to figure out what the maximum and minimum bid should be. It's also critical to keep track of the quality of the selected keywords in order to get the most out of each PPC dollar.

Pay Per Click campaigns can be a great way to convert clicks into customers, but managing the campaign's cost is critical to maximizing return on investment! Contact Webvolution Designs for more information on Atlanta Pay Per Click Management.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011 Fantasy Baseball Blog Launched

The Webvolution Designs Atlanta Web Design Company recently launched a brand new website for, a website dedicated to Fantasy Baseball News, Rankings & Analysis.

The new Fantasy Baseball News website is a content-rich, custom Wordpress CMS development that provides an excellent framework for easy on-going content maintenance for its fantasy baseball analysis and projections. The homepage of the new Fantasy Baseball Rankings website has a slide show of's top 3 featured blog posts and also highlights's daily Fantasy player StockWatch and “Who's the Next” - a column discussing potential Fantasy Baseball Sleepers.

“ was created to provide fantasy baseball owners an edge in finding value both in the draft and, just as importantly, during the season.” said Phil Krugel, co-founder of “A big difference between winning and losing your league is the important pickups and trades you make during the season. We are here to help you identify the right players to acquire to dominate your fantasy leagues.”

The new has custom Wordpress CMS functionality built in to dynamically pull in blog posts on pages assigned a specific blog category. The website also incorporates space for Google Adsense advertisements, a section of's recent tweets and Facebook posts. Webvolution also provided logo design services for

For more information on, visit or email . For more information about our Atlanta Web Design Company, contact Webvolution at (404) 953-2406.