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SEO and Web Design go hand in hand. What's the point of having a Website if nobody can find it?! You can use our SEO Web Design Tips to help your Website get found on Google and other major search engines. Among the SEO Friendly Web Design topics that we'll discuss is SEO Copywriting, Link Building strategies, maximizing Social Media outlets for SEO benefits, properly structuring and optimizing Website content to be relevant and to rank highly in the search results, and anymore SEO Web Design Tips that we can think of! Professional SEO and web design teams know which design elements that can hinder SEO performance, such as Flash and code-heavy pages. They also know the elements that can enhance the SEO potential of a website. Below we outline three perspectives that define successful SEO and website design teams.
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Monday, March 25, 2013

Why You Need To Think About SEO First Before a Website Redesign

When it comes to SEO and Web Design, it's important for businesses to consider BOTH before completely rebuilding their website. There are many outdated web design practices that can hinder your SEO campaign efforts if your website designer isn't building your website for optimal search engine friendliness.

In the video below, SEO specialist Chris J. Everett of Captivate Search Marketing explains some of the outdated techniques that you'll want your web designer to avoid when building your new website. He also discusses the many benefits that come from planning ahead and thinking about SEO before building out your new website.

What other Web Design mistakes can hinder your search engine optimization efforts? Feel Free to leave a comment below!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

What to Look for in a Search Engine Friendly CMS

If you have decided to dabble in the world of online business, the first consideration will obviously be a good website that is search engine friendly. Today, most designers are turning to Content Management Systems (CMS) to build their websites due to the ease of ongoing content maintenance for the website.

In fact, with some simple content management systems and free blogging platforms, pretty much anyone who knows how to surf the Internet can set up a simple website on their own these days. 

However, making the choice between the myriad of CMS options available can be difficult if you don't know what to look for in a CMS – especially if ranking high in the search results is one of your primary business objectives. The emphasis here is on SEO because it is the backbone of any online business so it's imperative that you build your website on a Search Engine Friendly Content Management System.

With this in mind, here are a few SEO Web Design Tips that you should look for when you're trying to find an SEO friendly CMS for your website design.

Ease of Customization of the CMS

Any CMS you choose should be user-friendly in terms of allowing you to customize several of the features. A website should be unique and hence, the CMS should allow for customized URLs created with your own keywords for easy search engine indexing and ranking. CMS platforms like Wordpress – although Wordpress requires a third-party plugin to maximize SEO value – or Exponent CMS give you complete control over highly important Meta data for SEO including:

  • Page title tags – which should be unique with an emphasis on keywords and phrase
  • Meta Descriptions tag
  • Meta Keywords tag

A search engine friendly content management system should provide customizable access to all three of these vital on-site SEO tags. Without being able to personalize these Meta tags, the search engines won't be able to get the full story of your website's pages and you won't get the search rankings you're trying to achieve. An SEO friendly CMS should allow the link anchor text to be alerted to suit your unique needs any time.

The top two SEO plugins for Wordpress that our company uses for SEO in Atlanta are the Yoast SEO plugin and the All-in-one SEO pack.

Functionality of the Search Engine Friendly CMS

The way a CMS functions will determine the success of your website. For a start, avoid any system, which will generate duplicate content, as this will lead to penalties from search engines and lower ranking. In addition, it is important to use a CMS that allows easy updating of both content text and images.

Additionally, search for a search engine friendly CMS that gives you access to make permanent 301 redirects of any URLs for the purpose of SEO and avoiding alarms of duplicate content or losing search engine rankings if a URL has changed. More importantly, the content management system must have easy access to all pages for manual editing because search engines are always attracted to updated content. 

To recap these SEO Web Design tips to get the most out of your Internet marketing strategy, consider all of these factors until it becomes clear what the best search engine friendly CMS is for your business. The website you set up can either make or break your company and the more you invest in your research and planning of your SEO, the better the site – and your organic SEO rankings - will turn out to be. To learn more, contact our Search Engine Friendly Web Design Company today!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Quality Link Building Basics

A recent Internet survey showed that half of the companies polled believed that quality link building was not simply an essential component in increasing exposure for their website, but that it was an essential ingredient that needed to be developed immediately. Though research has indicated the strength of quality link building for helping sites to gain targeted traffic, many companies are still confused as to how the entire quality link building process works.

There are a couple of basic SEO Web Design Tips that an SEO consultant can relay to clients to help them understand the world of quality link building:

There is no “perfect” way to approach quality link building

This seems obvious, but may not be to those who don't know the industry. Explaining to clients that it is not what they link but how – including the use of on-text links on keywords) they link it can go a long way in helping them understand how the quality link building strategy works and how it can benefit their search engine marketing efforts. 

Different Websites may not use the same quality link building methods

In quality Link Building, one size does not fit all. For example, a financial services website and one that sells board games for children may utilize some of the same quality link building methods such as posting on blogs, but they may also use other completely different avenues to build links. The financial services sector might want to utilize Press releases to help build quality links whereas the board game company might want to focus on Twitter or other social media sites to build quality links to their board games Website.

Companies will never understand all of the ins and outs of link building, nor do they need to. It is the job of an experienced Atlanta SEO Company to educate their clients on the basics in order to help them make informed decisions with their quality link building efforts.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Using Twitter for SEO

Over the past 5 years since its launch, social media pillar Twitter has amassed over 200 million users who blast out an average of 200 million Tweets on a daily basis.

For those of you who aren't on Twitter, “Tweets” are short 140-character messages that are meant to be focused messages on specific thoughts or trending topics that are being discussed on Twitterverse. Since its launch in 2006, Twitter's growing popularity has long since been speculated to influence Website rankings in the major search engines. Last year, search engine giant Google and competitor Bing have both affirmed that sentiment as FACT. Twitter DOES influence search results and for this fact one of the more important SEO Web Design Tips we can give you on how to get more traffic is to utilize Twitter for SEO.

Because of this admission, several Websites have begun tests on just how much Twitter impacts search engine ranks versus the traditional link building methods that search engine optimizers are accustomed to. In one such example of testing out this theory, a Website compared the effectiveness of Twitter links against traditional link building by setting up two separate pages that were developed for linking – one with exclusively links from Twitter and the other with the traditional method. Despite not having any long-term results to point to, the theory checked out and the site using Twitter for SEO links greatly surpassed the effectiveness of traditional link building.

Online Retailers Should be Using Twitter for SEO

Twitter has become a valuable – and FREE – means for businesses to spread their message to users who may be interested in purchasing their products or services. But now with this persuasive information on how Twitter impacts Google and Bing rankings, businesses can not afford to not be on Twitter.

Analytically speaking, there is a high probability that pages using Twitter links will also begin to influence pages with traditional link building methods and thus lead to higher ranks for both.

It's almost certain that these pages with traditional link building and Tweet-based links will start to influence each other and lead to higher search engine rankings for both. As you digest this notion, if you're an online retailer it's imperative that you work with a reputable Atlanta SEO Company that can develop link building strategies that utilize both traditional methods and also use Twitter for SEO.

If your business isn't already on Twitter, it's time to start now!

Check out this SEOmoz article to find out more about Twitter influences search engine rankings and why you should use Twitter for SEO.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Do Your Research Before Buying a Used or Expired Domain Name

For many companies, search engine visibility is often constrained by two key factors – the strength of both their Google Page Rank and their domain name. It isn't easy to find short, memorable domain names because, let's face it, the Internet has been around for awhile now and most of the good ones have been taken.

Sometimes businesses will choose to buy used domain name in order to capitalize on the name recognition of a business that once owned the domain or more often that not to use it to build their own brand online. What some companies don't understand though is that buying used domain names can pose a number of problems. SEO Web Design Tips urges you to know what you're getting yourself into!

Metaphorically speaking, when you purchase a used car, any mechanical issues that are wrong with the car you're purchasing then become your problem. In the same manner, if you buy an expired domain name, any problems or issues with that domain's history are now entirely the problem of the purchasing company. Certainly there is potential to capitalize on instant popularity or traffic when purchasing a reputable expired domain name, but more often than not buying a used domain name carries several risks.

The most glaring problem that companies may encounter when buying used domain names is that the domain may have been cited for being in violation of Google’s strict policies, or outrightly banned by Google. If you'd like to see if a domain name that you're considering purchasing comes with “baggage,” you can check in a few places:
  • you can access the WHOIS database to find out when a domain name was first registered. Keep in mind that Google tends to give more weight to domain names that have been around for several years.
  • in your Google search bar you can type in "", which you view any pages that have been indexed by Google. It is likely that Google has blocked the domain name if there aren't any cached pages.
  • take a look at who is linking to the domain name and make sure the links that are pointing to the domain are relevant to the domain's purpose.
Some used vehicles come with CarFax, but when when you buy used domain name there isn't a sure-fire way to know if what you're purchasing is a “lemon”, but by taking the simple tools above to screen the expired domain prior to purchasing it, you can avoid major issues with ranking in the search engines. To learn more about how to Register a Domain and Domain Management, contact us today!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Deep Linking SEO Strategies Can Boost Ecommerce Sales

Many companies that invest in search engine optimization and link building campaigns for their e-commerce websites assume that the work is done once their core pages and targeted keywords are ranking well in Google.

Savvy online businesses adhere to one of the stronger SEO Web Design Tips that if they want to increase conversion rates, their product description pages also need to rank well. To accomplish this type of Deep Linking SEO strategy for their ecommerce site, the company should consult an expert Atlanta SEO Company.

With this in mind, here are a some key points to discuss with your Ecommerce SEO firm on how to approach your e-commerce Website's Deep Linking SEO strategy:

Entice Customer Reviews

This conversion rate optimization strategy is pretty simple – if your company sends free samples of your product to a potential customer to review, that customer's review will most likely include a deep link to that product's description page. As long as the product is of a good quality, sending a free sample entices reviewers to be fair and balanced in their analysis of the product. An online retailer can also solicit testimonials and links from current customers who love their product.

Post as Guests on Other Websites

Online retailers can commence the deep linking process by posting as guests on blogs and other relevant Websites. For example, a online retailer selling iPhone covers might be able to post as a guest on a technology blog about the benefits of having a certain type of iPhone cover over another that includes a link to their product description page in their post. Many savvy online retailers also have their own blogs to post on, which can aid in the deep linking seo process.

Give away Freebies

Give away free trials, videos, brochures, phone apps, discount codes, etc., on the product description page. People will visit the site for the freebie, but may be enticed to purchase the product and then post a review about it with a link to your product description page after.

There's an art to formulating an effective Deep linking SEO plan for your e-commerce website. Partnering with a reputable Atlanta Ecommerce Development Company who can develop a custom link building program that features deep linking strategies can definitely promote and increase in e-commerce conversion rates and the overall bottom line for an online retailer.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Social Media as a Problem Solving Tool?

Have you ever thought of Social Media as a problem solving tool?

Chris Everett, Webvolution Atlanta Web Design & SEO Company's founder, posted a blog on his website earlier this week discussing his recent experiences (both positive and negative) with Twitter and how it is becoming an outlet for businesses to provide improved customer service.

Check out his blog on the Positives & Negatives of Twitter!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Social Media versus Search Engines

Social Searching – The New Face of Online Purchasing

There are over 34,000 searches done every second through Google. This gives many companies the impression that it is properly managed SEO that will turn the tide and bring targeted traffic and higher sales conversion rates. However, while search engines like Google and Bing are seeing increasing traffic, most of these searches are done simply for general information, rather than for opinion. Further, once a consumer knows what he or she wants, search engines don't often factor in.

The Missing Link – Social Media

A recent MIT/Microsoft study showed that 29% of social media users queried friends through social sites about their opinions and recommendations for products and services. A Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey showed that 90% of users trust reviews and opinions from friends, and 70% trust opinions they find posted online.

For companies, this means that ignoring the social aspect of searching, the desire for users to communicate their experience with a business or product can result in a smaller ROI on Internet marketing dollars.

Shifting Gears – How To Handle Social Media

A company can do several things to help its online presence, a few of the SEO Web Design Tips are to begin by establishing a solid profile on sites like Facebook and Twitter. In addition, making sure that copy on company webpages is written in clear and concise language can help a site to be crawled and indexed by search engines.

Search engines are also changing in response to the new consumer dynamic, integrating ways to make the entire experience feel more social and less disconnected. Both Bing and Google have begun to display images as well as links in their search results.

For any company looking to grow their brand online, social media is a force to be reckoned with.

For more information on how to build your online presence through social media, contact our Atlanta Web Design Company today!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

How to Get More Traffic

Increasing a your company's ranking in Google's search results isn't as mysterious as it may seem. The trouble with finding accurate, helpful guidance on how to get more traffic to your website comes in sifting through the wealth of uninformed laymen’s advice that is all too readily available – courtesy of Google itself.

This points out why it is so important to increase the accuracy and frequency of Google search results. Google remains the No. 1 search engine, which challenges companies and their Atlanta SEO Firm to develop helpful, informative and well-optimized content their users want to read about. Improving your company's ranking in Google search results is the best way on how to get more traffic to your website.

SEO Web Design Tips to improve Google search ranking begins with crafting optimized content using relevant keywords and using those keywords in the page title. For example, a website targeting construction clients should include the company name and the word “Construction” -- or if you want to attract local visitors you would use "Atlanta Construction Company" in the title header.

Keyword density is another important component of SEO marketing strategy. Google looks for certain keywords, and certain combinations of keywords, that users frequently search for. Populating relevant website pages with these keywords, and specific combinations of keywords that are commonly entered in searches, can move a website’s search listing results higher in the page rankings.

Finally, inbound or reciprocal linking from other websites or blogs is another sure-fire way on how to get more traffic to your company's website. Reciprocity populates a helpful, high quality website’s content virally, where it can be discovered, shared, and re-shared. Obtaining the maximum number of inbound links pointing to a website will increase its ranking in Google search results. Ensuring that those links contain relevant keywords, or combination of keywords, can further assist with ranking results.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Scottsdale Dentist Office Develops New Website With Atlanta Web Designers

Dentist Web Design
Our Atlanta Web Design Company proudly announces the launch of a newly developed website for Scottsdale Dentist Dr. Mary Brannock’s Dentistry practice,
The new Scottsdale Dentist website, developed by Webvolution on the Exponent Content Management System platform for easy on-going content maintenance, features pages for each of Dr. Brannock’s dentistry services, detailed information on what to expect during a new patient’s first visit, Dr. Brannock's Curriculum Vitae and answers to frequently asked questions about dentistry.
“We revamped our website and we are very excited to be able to share it with our current and potential clients!,” Dr. Brannock said. “We have always tried to our best to share important and useful information, news, and resources on our website and we believe the revitalized website will continue to allow us to keep our customers updated with new information.”
Dr. Brannock, DDS opened her Scottsdale Dentist office in 1998 after graduating with honors from the University of Oklahoma in 1997. Dr. Brannock is a member of Omicron Kappa Upsilon (the National Dental Honor Society), The American Dental Association, The Arizona Dental Association, and The Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. She is also a past board member of the Phoenix Esthetic Study Club, a group of dentists in the Phoenix area highly trained in the art of esthetic dentistry.
For more information on Scottsdale Smile Design visit or call (480) 922-0600. For more information on SEO Web Design Tips contact Webvolution Designs at (404) 953-2406.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Atlanta Web Design Company Launches Los Angeles Real Estate Website

Webvolution Designs Atlanta Web Design Company launches new website for Los Angeles, Calif. based realtor Josh Shadid (DRE# 01875542) of the Coldwell Banker Hancock Park South office on January 3, 2011.

Real Estate Web Design
The Webvolution Designs Atlanta Web Design Company announces the launch of a brand new website for Los Angeles Realtor Joshua D. Shadid (DRE# 01875542), a real estate agent specializing in residential real estate brokerage, Foreclosures & Short-Sales.

The new Los Angeles Real Estate website, developed by Webvolution Designs Atlanta Web Design company on the search engine friendly Exponent Content Management System platform, features Josh Shadid's Los Angeles Property Listings for homes for sale, homes for rent, Foreclosures/REOs and Short Sales. 

The new website also features a property wish list questionnaire for site visitors to fill out and print off as helpful organizer prior to meeting with the Realtor. The new real estate website is also rich with helpful real estate information as it features a Los Angeles real estate blog, California real estate market data, a mortgage calculator and full MLS property listings search and a detailed overview of 20 Los Angeles County neighborhoods.

Immediately after is launch, has become a crown jewel in the presentation of my business,” said Shadid of his new website. “I know, with-out a doubt, my web presence projects the professionalism and personality that properly represents myself and my team. My marketing package is now aligned with my specific business goals ”

For more information on Josh Shadid of Coldwell Banker you can mail the Hancock Park South office at 119 N. Larchmont Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90004. You may also visit or call (323) 860-4234.